Road Construction and Maintenance

On an annual basis, the Authority implements its Routine Maintenance programs, which includes maintenance of all roads infrastructure under the maintenance zones, fixing road furniture, patching potholes, cleaning and maintaining on-road drainages, mowing road shoulders. These works are covered under the following programs:

  • Road Routine Maintenance
  • Drainage Routine Maintenance
  • Lawn mowing Routing Maintenance
  • Traffic Signals Maintenance

These works are carried out by Registered Contractors under the Authority’s Contractor Registry. Works are advertised as per Government’s procurement processes and are awarded upon completion of evaluation of tenders.

Additionally, the Authority facilitates procurement processes for all major civil construction works such as construction of new roads, new drainages, fords, bridges, culverts. The Authority strives to improve road network infrastructure through providing environmentally sustainable and climate resilient transport network for our people.