New Drivers License (Valid for 5 years)

$173 for Local Citizens

$ 315 for overseas Citizens (to sit theory and practical)

Theory test is carried out every Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Need to register 9:00am -12:00pm, bring a passport or birth certificate when registering for the theory course.  And bring a pen.

Practical test will be carried out when you pass theory test.  This is carried out every Monday and Friday.  If you fail theory test you pay $32 at cashier to re-sit the test after (1) one week.

When you pass both theory and practical you pay the cost of the Drivers License as stated.



16 years of age – valid for 3 months sit theory test…

$79 3 months renewable after expiry..


New Commercial Drivers License:

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Register at Drivers License Section, bring Police Report (valid within 3 months)/Passport/Birth Certificate/Old commercial drivers/license and pay $37 for the Defensive Driving Course.  When you pass you pay the $74 per class or more depend on classes as required. E.G: class d/h..etc = $148 + 37 = $185.00

Taxi Driver License and others: Start from 21years of age

Bus Driver: Start from 25 years of age.

You need to hold a Private Drivers License for 6 months before you can apply for a Commercial Drivers License on age stated


Converting Overseas Full Drivers License to Samoan:

If person is from the USA and others they will need to do the practical test and pay $315 [different side of road and traffic laws]

Other foreign countries endorsed on valid driver license pay $284 (no theory and practical test required)


Temporary Drivers License:

This is only issued out to FULL Drivers License holders from overseas.

$21 per month.. can only do TDL for 2 months $42.00 and renewed after expiry.

Refer all TDL’s to RUM Manager for endorsement.


Cost To Reprint Private Drivers License:

New Private Driver License Issue:$35 per year  ($173.00)

Eg: If first issue DL is lost/fade/tear off and it expires in another 3 years it will cost $105.00 for a reprint

  • Renewed Private Driver License : if lost/fade/tear off..etc : $29.00 per year.. Eg: if it will expiry in another 3 years remaining it will cost $87.00 for reprint.
  • Foreign citizens sit theory/practical test: $63.00 for reprint per year if lost/fade/tear off..etc and renewed $284.00 ( $ 315.00)
  • Foreign citizens endorse on full driver license: $ 57.00 for reprint per year if lost/fade/tear off..etc..and renewed $253.00 [$284.00]


Cost Drivers License for Motorcyclist:



Renewing Drivers License: $142

Drivers License are being updated, owner of DL will need to come to LTA office to renew Drivers License as photo and signature will be updated.


When Renewing Commercial Drivers License:

If Private Drivers License is expired the Commercial Drivers License cannot be renewed until the Private Drivers License is renewed.

Renew for expired Commercial Drivers License $26 per class and need Police Report every year for renewal. Eg: class H/D =$52.00

Duplicate of lost or damaged Commercial DL $74 per classes


Any Drivers License Holder on New Applicants and Renewed over 65 years old.

Must provide a medical report from a certified doctor to verify fitness to drive.

If you also have a Medical Condition please provide a medical report from a certified Doctor.




  • LTA will not renew any driver’s license both private and commercial if you reside overseas unless you are in Samoa.
  • Samoa drivers’ license is only valid for 1 year in N.Z and 6 months in some states of Australia and then allows you to apply for a NZ/AUST. Drivers’ license if you are a citizen.