Executive Division

The Executive Division manages and provides administration and secretarial support for the CEO, Management and Board of Directors.

Procurement and Programming Division

The Procurement and Programming Division is responsible for facilitating the procurement process necessary for all major civil construction works of the Land Transport Authority. These include but not limited to all Routine Maintenance Programs, Capital Works for (Re)Construction of new roads, Minor works for roads, bridges, seawalls, traffic signals, road drainages.

Upon initiation of a project by the Chief Executive Officer; the Procurement division compiles the essential documentations for a public tender. This includes the preparation of tender documents, outlining of works specifications and eligibility conditions for bidders, facilitates the evaluation process and awarding of contract. It is important to note that all the works procured by the Authority are in accordance with the Government of Samoa Procurement Guideline as provided by the Ministry of Finance.

In addition, Procurement Division is also responsible for supervision of assigned construction works, management of road reserve applications, facilitate the Authority’s Contractor Registration Scheme.

Corporate Services Division

The functions and responsibilities of the Corporate Services focuses on Corporate administrative systems, Human Resource Development, management and maintaining a skilled and knowledgeable LTA workforce.

The core focus is on the following functions:

  1. Human Resource Management System
  2. Recruitment and Selection process
  3. Performance Management System
  4. Grievance Management System
  5. Staff Training and Development Process
  6. Disciplinary Management System
  7. Records Management
  8. Preparation of Corporate Plans, Annual Reports, HR Policies
  9. Public consultation through community and media.
  10. Providing awareness programs for the public regarding LTA ongoing works and services.
Road Operations Division

The Road Operations Division primary functions is to supervise procured civil construction works as well as routine maintenance programs. These works include the following:

  1. Supervision of Road Routine Maintenance works.
  2. Supervision of Lawn Mowing Routine Maintenance works.
  3. Supervision of minor road construction works.

Other core functions under the ROD Division are:

  1. Carry out Material Testing.
  2. Survey land boundaries
  3. Assess community service requests relating to road infrastructure.
Road Use Management Division

The core function of the Road Use Management Division is to promote road safety by ensuring effective and efficient system for managing registration and licensing of road users in both drivers and vehicles, as well as continuous road safety awareness campaign in schools and communities similarly to awareness carried out by Savaii office.

  1. Vehicle Registration/Re-Registration.
  2. Issuance/Renewal of Drivers License.
  3. Issuance of Temporary Driver’s License.
Project Management Division

The Project Management Division (PMD) is an integral part of Samoa Land Transport Authority (LTA). The division’s sole responsibility is undertaking full project management of all donor-funded projects under LTA’s jurisdiction. The team consists of the project manager, contract engineer officer, principal engineering officers, principal safeguards officer and an assistant working diligently on projects through to successful conclusions.

Finance Division

The Finance Division is mainly responsible for coordination and provision of reliable, accurate, transparent and timely financial information using generally accepted accounting principles; and ensuring it is compliant with Accounting and Auditing standards as well as Government and guiding acts and procedures. Other core responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Timely preparation of reports such as monthly financial reports, LTA Budget, quarterly reports, Receipting and Collecting Revenue reports, audited financial statements.
  2. Updated financial reports to assist respective Divisions with their budget control and revenue collection.
  3. Maintain proper records and follow up correspondences for Accounts Receivables.
  4. Asset Management and Inventory Management System.
  5. Reviewing Financial Policies and Internal controls.
Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division is responsible for management and delivery of information technology services to not only support existing Authority’s core functions but also delivering solutions to meet changing business needs, by utilising updated technology solutions available. The core functions of the IT Division are to:

  1. Provide technical system support and ICT equipments maintenance to all Divisions.
  2. Provide recommendations on systems development and business recovery plan.
  3. Develop and review IT policies and monitor compliancy of staff to policies.
  4. Provide technical support to core web-based systems.
  5. Continuously update the Authority’s website for the general public awareness and availability of up to date information.
Internal Audit Division

Internal Audit mission is to add value in improving the effectiveness of internal controls system and risk management through internal audit services.

We help the Management accomplished the Authority’s objectives by providing independent and objective review and assurance on the systems of internal controls and risk management.

Savaii Division

The Savaii Division provides all the services offered at our main Office at Vaitele, for the main purpose of providing easier access to services for our people in Savaii. These services include but not limited to:

  1. Vehicle Registration/Re-Registration.
  2. Issuance/Renewal of Drivers License.
  3. Issuance of Temporary Driver’s License.
  4. Transfer of Vehicle Ownership
  5. Management and monitoring of road routine maintenance programs.