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Published: Friday, 12 February 2016
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The Land Transport Authority wishes to invite applications from qualified individuals for the following advertised position:

  1. Position:                   Chief Executive Officer

Salary:                       Commencing Salary and Benefits will be in accordance with existing

                                    Government Policies for CEOs.

Code:                         3-year Contract

Location:                   Vaitele Main Office 

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Due Date:                Friday, 19th January 2018 at 4:00pm.

Job descriptions and Application Forms can be uplifted from LTA Vaitele or Download from LTA website, www.lta.gov.ws.  For enquiries please contact LTA Human Resource on 26740/26741 extensions 161/120 or email leutu@lta.gov.ws or hr_info@lta.gov.ws

Application form MUST include the following documents:

üUp to Date and Complete Curriculum Vitae

üWritten references from three (3) respected referees, two (2) of which are previous employers with their up to date contact details.

üCertified academic qualifications and relevant trainings.

Address all applications to:      

The Hon. Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure

Office of the Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure

4th Floor TATTE Building






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Vaitele Form

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Contact Us

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Contact Us

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Vaitele, Apia, Samoa


Vaitele, Apia, Samoa
Telephone : +685 26740
Fax : +685 26739

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Salelologa, Savaii

Telephone : +685 51508 or +685 51214
Fax : +685 51207 

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Savaii Form

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The Traffic Division came into existence in 2013 but it was previously under the Road Use Management Division since 2010.  The Authorised Traffic Officers became in existence when the Road Traffic Payment of Fines Act 2009 became effective.


These are the officers you see on the road they direct traffic, assist students at Pedestrian Crossings and issue Traffic Offence Notice to drivers who break the Road Rules.  You will see them standing on the side of the road wearing their LTA uniform, they always work side by side with the Traffic Officers of the Ministry of Police And Prisons to ensure the safety of the drivers and the pedestrians as well. 

So far there are 11 Authorised Traffic Officers in Upolu and 6 in Savaii.  The Authorised Traffic Officers in Savaii are under the management of the Manager for the Office in Savaii.



  • To patrol an assigned area on foot, bicycle, motor cycle or in a vehicle to enforce minor traffic offences only as provides by the schedule of offences under the relevant road legislation.
  • To issue warnings and traffic offences notices for non compliance of the traffic laws and other road rules.
  • Enhance vehicle safety standards in compliance with the motor vehicle fitness guide through relevant enforcement set out by the Authority.
  • Stops vehicles and directs vehicles and pedestrians at specific intersection or other specific locations.
  • To propose action strategies for improving a good relationship with the Police and Prison services with regard to enforcing road traffic laws.
  • Has constant contact with the general public and must interact appropriately and patiently.
  • To promote and encourage the drivers and or pedestrians to pay their fines payable to the LTA rather than having a court case.
  • Assist to direct the flow of the traffic and assist the pedestrians for their safety using pedestrian crossings, identifies offences committed on roads and takes appropriate actions.
  • To support Police in cases of crimes committed on roads by working under the Police directions and informing the Police of major traffic offences committed on roads and support the enforcement.
  • Attend legal proceedings as witness and give evidence as a witness.

The team always carry out Road Blocks to easily identify drivers who have not renewed their driver license or the license of the vehicle, OR those who drive vehicles but do not have a Drivers License.  And we all know that is an offence because you need to have a Drivers License.

If you want a career as a Authorised Traffic Officer at LTA when you graduate from School you need to have a Minimum of Foundation Certificate level with good grades in English and Samoan

Work Experience

Minimum of 2 years working experience in law enforcement.

Knowledge and Skills

Knowledge of the LTA Act 2007, Road Traffic (Payment of Fines) Act 2009, Road Traffic Regulation 1961 and amendments, Land Transport Authority (Authorized

Inspectors) Regulations 2011

Demonstrated ability to provide respectful, professional, positive service in all Interactions with road users and co-workers.

Demonstrated ability to communicate in written and oral English and Samoan, analytical skills, decision-making, report writing and interpersonal skills.

Maintain traffic, signage and traffic management devices Essential

Holder of Private Drivers License classes AB

You should also be able to work outside the office most of the times and weekends in all weather conditions and good vision and the ability to adjust focus.

You also need to be able to work as a team, honest, able to work when needed, able to use common sense and trust worthy.  It is also important to have a good Public Relation and need to be fit.

That is our role and responsibility as Authorised Traffic Officers......



Tia   Manager Traffic : Muagututia Mark Tominiko

   Contact Number : 26740 ext 105