Registering and Licensing Vehicles 

When renewing the Registration of any vehicle whether Private or Commercial here is where you go to get that service done.



The Certifying Officers will check the details of the vehicle and conduct the inspection according to road safety standards.  If it is satisfactory the vehicle inspection form will be issued stating that the inspection has passed and to issue the warrant of fitness sticker.  If it is unsatisfactory the owner of the vehicle will be told to fix the part of the vehicle that failed the inspection before coming back for a re-inspection.  The role of the Certifying Officers is very important as they have to make sure that all vehicles are safe or road worthy to be on our roads.

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And it is VERY important that your vehicle is owned by your father, he should make sure the vehicle is registered under his name. If it’s not then he should come to our main office (Vaitele or Salelologa) and ask for  the Legal Division, they are the ones that will assist him in transferring the ownership of his vehicle.  There are many reasons why it is important to have the vehicle registered to the person who owns it now.  So, find out from your parents if your car is registered to either one of them if not then its best to have it done now. LTA has now enforced the Section 17 of the Road Traffic Ordinance 1960, which requires that all vehicles registered with the LTA, must also be registered under the name of the current/existing owner.  It is now effective as of the 1st of July 2014.

Private Vehicles Registration and Licenses are renewed once a year while Commercial Vehicles are renewed twice a year.


At the Road Use Management Division, there’s a Section that conducts Road Safety Awareness Programs, these are carried out in Schools around Samoa including Pre-Schools, Primary and Colleges.  Awareness Programs are also conducted in the community and churches emphasising the importance of Road Safety Issues, targeting all road users as they have an important role in ensuring that everyone is safe on our roads.  That is the duty of the drivers and pedestrians and that safety is everyone’s responsibility.  LTA aims to educate and remind the public on road safety issues because this will avoid any accidents that may affect children, and anyone using the road. 

Defensive Driving Course

This Section is also responsible for conducting the Defensive Driving Course for people applying for Commercial Drivers License, this license enables anyone to drive a Taxi, Bus, Heavy and Light Load Vehicles.  At the training the applicants are again reminded of their duty as a driver and especially if they will be driving Taxis, and Buses, lives and safety of their passengers will be in their hands.  Our Staff emphasise the importance of safety and following the road rules because if we all follow the road rules and be cautious on our roads there will be no accidents.

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The Road Use Management Division is also where you find the License Section, this is where you approach if you want a Private Drivers License.  It is at the opposite building from the Main Road Use Management Building.  At the beginning of every session the applicants are briefed on the Road Rules and also the Road Code which the exam is based on, to further enhance their knowledge and understanding of the importance of their duty and role as a driver if they will pass this examination.

There are two parts of the Examination, a Theory and Practical.  The Private Drivers License theory exams is carried out every Mondays Tuesdays and Fridays, you have to be 17 years of age to be able to sit the exam.

If you pass the exam you will move on to the Practical Test, where you are required to test drive a vehicle that is provided by you when you come for the Practical Test.

If you pass both the theory and Practical you PASS the examination for a Private Drivers License.  The cost of a new Private Drivers License if $173 to renew a Private Drivers License when is expired, damaged or lost is $142, and it’s valid for 5 years.


For Commercial Drivers License, you have to be 21 years or over and the holder of a Private Drivers License for more than 6 months to be able to undergo the Defensive Driving Course for this special Drivers License.

If you meet the above criteria's you are required to pay to the cashier $35 and present the receipt to the Licensing Officer and a current Police Report from the Ministry of Police.  The course is conducted on Wednesdays and Thursdays, the applicants will again be reminded of their duties and roles as drivers because they will be responsible for the lives and safety of the public as well as other peoples’ assets, because they will be taxi drivers, bus drivers as well as drivers for Heavy and Light Goods Vehicles.  The Commercial license is only valid for 1 year, and a new Commercial Drivers License is $111 and $70 to renew when expired, lost or damaged.

Drivers License Classes is categorised below.

  1. Motor Cycle
  2. Private Motor Car
  3. Light Public Service Vehicle
  4. Heavy Public Service Vehicle
  5. Light Goods Vehicle
  6. Heavy Goods Vehicle
  7. Motor Tractor
  8. Motor Vehicles other than those already specified.

Every aspect of our service at Land Transport Authority is very important and if you or your family member require any assistance from the Road Use Management you can ring us on 26740/1

  1. 26740 ext 103 Manager for The Road Use Management Division
  2. 26740 ext 104 Road Use Management Divisional Assistant
  3. 26740 ext 107/108 Vehicle Certifying Section
  4. 26740 ext 124/125 Drivers Licensing Section.
  5. 26740 ext 126/106 Road Safety Promotion Section



leo   Manager Road Use Management : Tamaseugogo T. L. Bartley

   Contact Number : 26740 ext 104