Their functions include, but are not limited to:

Civil/Contract Section
1.    Provide specialized legal advice to Management, CEO and LTA Board of Directors on a range of matters, with primary emphasis on management of contracts, legislation and/or policy compliance.
2.    Provide sound legal advice regarding the management and administration of contracts to which LTA is a party.
3.    Prepare and/or review legal documents.
4.    Undertake necessary legal research and investigations.
5.    Provide debt recovery services for LTA debts.
6.    Provide assistance for the procurement of services and contracts through tendering evaluation and contract documentation.
7.    Review and recommend necessary legislation changes to further strengthen the effectiveness and efficiency of LTA.
8.    Draft and prepare relevant correspondence for the LTA.
9.    To provide legal training to LTA staff and key stakeholders when required.
10.    To assess and provide recommendations to the CEO in relation to requests for transfer of vehicle ownerships.
11.    Represent LTA on any legal proceedings before the Court.


Prosecution Section
1.    Responsible for the preparation, commencement and representation of LTA in legal proceedings relating to the Road Traffic (Payment of Fines) Act 2009.
2.    To compile the list of cases to be filed with the Ministry of Justice, Courts and Administration (“MJCA”) on a weekly basis (commencement of legal proceedings).
3.    Preparation of the necessary legal documents (Information and Summons).
4.    To keep clear records of cases filed and summons documents to be served and all particulars relating to the serving of summons.
5.    Prosecution Officer’s responsible for the serving of summons.
6.    Representing LTA in legal proceedings relating to the Road Traffic (Payment of Fines) Act 2009 and any other criminal proceedings involving the LTA.
7.    Undertake necessary research and investigation in matters when required.

In addition, the Legal Division is also responsible for:
1.    Dealing with LTA clients on a daily basis in relation to any matters which affect the LTA’s interest, rights and activities.
2.    Transfer of Vehicle Ownerships.
3.    Rewards for those who provide reports in relation to Asset Damage.
4.    Serving of Summons.
5.    Liaising with the Ministry of Police and the Office of the Attorney General.


There are nine (9) members of the Legal Division:
    Manager of the Legal Division
    Principal Legal Officer
    Senior Prosecution Officer
    Legal Secretary
    Legal Office Assistant
    Four (4) Summons Officers





DSCN0183    Manager Legal : Anoanoai Pepe Lafai

   Contact Number : 26740 ext 115