Primary Goal:

    To provide Cost-effective & secure communications, Reliable information & data management systems through the introduction & use of modern innovative Information technology systems & infrastructure.

    Core Functions:

    }  Provide Technical System Support and ICT equipments maintenance to all Divisions.

    }  Provide Recommendation on System Development and business recovery plan.

    }  Sustain and upgrade communication channels.

    }  Liaison with Service providers to provide cost effective solutions for LTA.

    }  Maintain System Security, data integrity and recommended software's.

    }  Develop and Review IT policies and monitor compliance.

    }  Continuously update LTA website for the general public awareness and availability of up to date information.


    Other functions:

    }        Create files for all vehicles registered within LTA databases and compile monthly vehicle registration reports.

                Assist the general public, stake holders, Government Ministries and Corporation in enquires regarding vehicle details and reports subject to Approval.

    }         Assist Core LTA divisions regarding vehicle enquiries and provide data enter and verification for the RUM’s Division.

    }         Assist the Legal Team in the process of transferring of ownership details.

    }        Issue and print out ownership certificate for the public.




       Manager ICT : Tausalaatoa Kolose

       Contact Number : 26740 ext 118