Apply Permit for Road Works

If you wish to carry out works within the road reserve, the following outlines the process for obtaining a road reserve works permit.

  1. Applicant pays $50.00 for application form and uplifts the form from the Procurement and Programming Division (PPD) of LTA.
  2. Fill in form, sign and submit the form together with the required documents to PPD.
  3. Assessment will be done by the PPD Team and the applicant will be notified within 5 working days of the outcome of application.
  4. During the process, the applicant may be required to submit additional information depending on the assessment carried out by the Office.

The following list the type of works that require a road reserve works permit:

  1. Installation of billboards, road names or any signs.
  2. New project proposed to be implemented within the road reserve such as installation of new water pipelines, installation of new electric poles.
  3. Maintenance works of existing utilities infrastructure.
  4. Road cutting for new water connections.
  5. Road closure, any maintenance works near the road, road blocks that disturb or may affect the safety of the public.
  6. Car park, drive-ins and drainage.

Note: For application from the Public (under the Independent Water Scheme) regarding road cutting for new water connections, the application fee is $500.00.